DWI Traffic Stops

Challenge Breathalyzer & Field Sobriety Test Accuracy Sobriety Test

There are lots of possible legal challenges to your original stop by the police, the roadside "tests" and intoxilyzer machine, and other evidentiary challenges that can make your case more winnable as it moves closer to trial.

I will not hesitate to make any appropriate challenge that (in my legal judgment) will lead to a more winnable case for you. I will, on your behalf, make it as difficult as I possibly can for the D.A. and police officer to get a jury to believe that you were intoxicated at the time you were pulled over, much less find you guilty.

I can and will force the police officer and breath test supervisor to appear in person at your license revocation hearing (if retained within the 15-day window) and your trial (absent strategic considerations), and will vigorously cross-examine each of them and any other witnesses the D.A. calls on their credibility, inconsistencies in their testimony, and other biases they have against you and other persons in your situation, and I can and will challenge the "science" behind roadside testing and breath machines.