Texas BWI / BUI Defense Lawyer

Boating while intoxicated

Boating while intoxicated (BWI) is a criminal offense of the same level as DWI under Texas Law with punishment and collateral consequences the same or very similar to DWI. Grayson County is a boating while intoxicated hot-spot due to Lake Texoma, so the highways of Grayson County, Texas BWI on Texas Lakes – particularly Sherman and Denison, are hunting grounds for game wardens and troopers.

Boating while intoxicated is a class B misdemeanor, a conviction following a previous DWI or BWI conviction is a class A misdemeanor the same as a DWI 2nd offense, and following two previous convictions for operating a boat or vehicle (or combination) is a third degree felony, with a punishment range of two to ten years in the Texas Penitentiary. Grayson County is very tough on prosecuting all intoxication crimes so you should hire an attorney now if you have been arrested.

It is hard to imagine that you can lose your drivers license for boating while intoxicated, but people do, especially when they do not hire the right attorney. You need an intoxication lawyer with lots of education and experience. Your attorney should have completed the field sobriety practicioner’s course from NHTSA to be able to cross examine the game warden or sheriff’s deputy on the mistakes they make during field sobriety testing. He should be a seasoned criminal lawyer who can call them on any illegal searches or seizures that lead to your arrest, possibly from preventing your case from going to trial. I am a field sobriety practitioner along with being a seasoned criminal trial lawyer with many intoxication trials (and wins) under my belt. In 2011, I triad 5 trials and won 3 of them. Ask any attorney how many jury verdicts they got last year, and if they are truthful you will be surprised at most of their answers.

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