Sherman Homicide Defense Lawyer


Assaultive cases are generally the most manageable to defend in court, but when a person dies during an incident, the price of poker naturally goes up a lot. Any time a jury sees a death, it is natural in their soul to want to “do something” to make things more “right.” This is a very dangerous situation for a person to be in. In our local counties, traffic accidents have been prosecuted as homicide. Texas homicide law allows for a conviction for killing a person even when your state of mind was criminal negligence, simply breaching a duty of care owed to society.

Manslaughter and intoxication manslaughter are growing areas of prosecution. If you are driving while intoxicated and have an accident, even if it was not your fault, the State can file against you and say that had you not been drunk you would have been able to avoid the accident. This brings into play your attorney’s skills at both DWI cases, which you must inquire into, as well as homicide cases. You should hire a Board Certified criminal attorney with experience both in homicide and DWI trials to give you a legitimate chance of a fair verdict in your case.

With stakes as high as a homicide charge, you must shop for the best lawyer you can find.

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