Sherman, Texas/Grayson County

I came home from Houston, TX to Sherman, TX to set up my law practice as soon as I was licensed in 2005. I focused on criminal defense from the beginning due to my previous experience working for Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary and United States District Judge Paul Brown in Sherman. I grew up in Howe, Texas, just south of Sherman, and was part of a very good basketball team.

I started out focusing on DWI work but quickly found that I had a nack for felony and aggravated trials. I have primarily practiced in Grayson County and Fannin County, Texas (Sherman, TX and Bonham, TX), and Eastern District of Texas Federal Courts in Sherman and Plano. I have also won jury trials in Collin County and Cooke County. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. I have an excellent reputation for my work if you will talk to people around the courthouse about me.

One of the worst mistakes people make is hiring a lawyer from Dallas or Plano because they assume people who are closer to Dallas are smarter, but that isn’t the case. Sherman, TX is the historical Red River crossing point from Oklahoma into Texas, and is the smallest town in Texas with an active Federal Courthouse. The people in Grayson County are unique, tend to be conservative and libertarian in many ways, and a special approach is needed when handling jury trials and defending prosecutions here. We have three District Judges who are all distinct in their own ways, and two County Court at Law judges who have different approaches. I have built relationships with all of them, and each prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office for more than ten years. They respect my work and know that I will come prepared. If you are arrested with or charged with a crime in Sherman, TX, you need a local lawyer who is familiar with all aspects of the legal system. Call me now at 903-744-4252 to begin fighting your case.

Micha Belden, P.C. Office

Micah Belden, P.C.
711 N. Travis
Sherman, TX 75090
Phone: (903) 744–4252


The Sherman, Texas (Grayson County) Courthouse address is below:

(The Sherman, TX Court is located in downtown Sherman, TX two blocks east of Highway 75 at the intersection of Lamar and Crockett Streets. It is cattycorner to the Old Courthouse in the Square)

Sherman, TX Criminal Court Sherman, Texas
Grayson County Justice Center
200 S. Crockett
Sherman, TX 75090


The Sherman, Texas Federal Court Address is below:

(The Court is located in downtown Sherman, TX two blocks east of Highway 75 at the intersection Pecan and Travis Streets.)

Sherman, TX Federal Court Sherman, Texas
Eastern District of Texas
Federal Court
101 E. Pecan
Sherman, TX 75090

Sherman, Texas
Eastern District of Texas
Federal Annex (Chase Bank Building)
200 N. Travis, Floor M
Sherman, TX 75090