Gainesville, Texas/Cooke County

Gainesville, Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney

My very first felony jury trial win was an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case in the 235th District Court of Cooke County in Gainesville, TX. My client had been to some of the bigger in-town attorneys who told him he was “screwed”, to put it politely, but we saw it differently. Twelve jurors agreed. Also, my grandfather who got me through law school used to manage the newspaper in Gainesville. My mom was raised early on in Gainesville and Nocona (Montague County), and I played a lot of basketball growing up against the Cooke County towns.

I am very familiar with practice in the 235th District Court of Cooke County in Gainesville, Texas, and with the Honorable Janelle Haverkamp. I understand the local juries, who have a very independent lean, and the District and County attorneys always take you seriously when you bring a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer to Cooke County. Call me now at 903-744-4252 to discuss how we can start winning your Gainesville, Texas criminal case.

Gainesville, Tx Criminal Court

The Gainesville, Texas / Cooke County Criminal Courthouse

Gainesville, Texas CourthouseAddress is below:
(The Gainesville, TX Courthouse is located in downtown Gainesville, TX in the Square)

Gainesville, Texas Courthouse
Cooke County 235th District Court
County Courts
101 S. Dixon
Gainesville, TX 76240